Aluminum Frame, Twist Shifters

Take on rough terrain with the Impasse by Mongoose. The Impasse features a lightweight aluminum hardtail frame with front suspension fork that’s ready for the trail. The 21-speed Sram twist shifters with rear derailleur let you adapt to your terrain with ease, while the front and rear disc brakes provide crisp stopping power every time.

29-Inch Wheel

Wheels of the product are 29-inch wheels, which make it considerably more durable for heavier riders. Also, the quality wheels have a strong grip on the paved surfaces and which makes you complete your rides with more comfort and safety. However, if the wheels are too big for you, you can still choose 26-inch wheels instead of 29-inch wheel.

Reliable Brakes

A decent mountain bike requires reliable brakes in order to truly enjoy the ride. Aluminum Frame comes with high-quality disc brakes which makes you totally in control of the bike. You are able to stop no matter what obstacle is blocking your path in a matter of seconds. Well-crafted rear disc brakes also provide an extra layer of safety.